Valle de la Luna - Chile

About Me

Released in France the same year as The Deer Hunter, I’m currently living in Australia. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel since a young age, and discovering new places has now become an addiction just after passionfruit yogurts.

After learning how to pack a backpack, I’ve slowly tried to learn how to use a camera to share photos with my friends and family. 

Not a commercial / award winning / industry changing photographer, don’t ask me to take the pictures of your nephew’s wedding. 

I just love being in the middle of nowhere, contemplating mother nature quite early in the morning, waiting for the sun to rise while my partner is patiently freezing to death.

This website was made for her (and also a bit for you guys) so that she can see what I’m up to when not at work. 

Hope you enjoy it.



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all photos (c) Julien Moreau